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Coleman Could Gain 3 Votes -- Only 222 More To Go

At a post-court press conference, Coleman lawyer Ben Ginsberg said the found ballots "stand in stark contract to the arguments that the Franken campaign had the nerve to make at the Minnesota Supreme Court today," in Franken's lawsuit to be provisionally certified as the winner and sent off to Washington.

Speaking of Franken, the apparent-provisional-sort-of-winner has a new op-ed piece in today's Rochester Post-Bulletin, breaking his silence and making his case to the people of Minnesota that he should be seated:

With new job cuts announced nearly every day, foreclosure rates still climbing, and middle class families being squeezed harder than ever, it's clear that we have a lot of important work to do, especially here in Minnesota.

So needless to say, I am eager to get to work. At a time when our economy needs a dramatic boost, President Obama needs partners in the U.S. Senate to get it done.