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Christie Cited In 2005 Traffic Incident -- Michele Brown Involved


Lambertville police director Bruce Cocuzza told PolitickerNJ that Christie had become "agitated" about the possibility of his car getting towed. He was ultimately allowed to drive away: "He was a little loud at the prospect of being towed and then calmed down. He identified himself as a U.S. Attorney but I don't think the officer on duty knew what that was."

The issue here, according to the report, is that Christie and Brown may have attempted to invoke their rank with the police officer. The Christie campaign has acknowledged that Christie's position as a U.S. attorney did come up, though Christie does not recall who brought it up.

Radio host Casey Bartholomew said: "We do not want Jon Corzine re-elected, but we would be remiss and partisan if we did not discuss Christie's ethics. Why is he using his influence as a U.S. Attorney to make a police offer go away, in the same way Zulima Farber did?" Zulima Farber is a former state Attorney General who resigned after she intervened in a traffic stop against her boyfriend.

The Christie campaign has not responded to our requests for comment.