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Cantor Suggests Deadline Will Lapse Before Deal To Avoid Government Shutdown


There's still a few days until current funding expires on Friday. But House rules require that legislation be posted online for 72 hours before it comes to the floor for a vote. That means any grand deal to fund the government for six months -- or any last-minute emergency legislation to prevent of shutdown -- would require the House to violate its rules.

After the briefing, Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring told reporters that leadership is keeping all options open. He called this week a "unique week," and suggested the GOP might reluctantly bypass their rules if a deal is at hand.

According to Cantor, that's not likely. But Cantor's been playing bad cop in these negotiations. Last week he insisted it was a choice betweent deal or no deal -- no punting. So it's important to keep that in mind when digesting his comments.

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