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Bush, Liz Cheney To Speak At Hunters Convention


The Safari Club, which is closely associated with Republicans and gives millions to GOP candidates and causes, bills itself as an organization dedicated to "the freedom to hunt through policy advocacy, litigation and education for federal and state legislators to ensure hunting is protected for future generations." The group has spent close to $300 million on wildlife and hunting-related causes since it's founding in 1979, according to their Web site.

Liz Cheney, the daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, will also speak at this convention, a move that will definitely burnish her conservative creds. SCI-PAC has a history as a Republican-friendly group. In 2004, it spent $339,431, with 89% going to Republican candidates; in 2006, it spent $527,714, with 86% going to Republicans; and in 2008, it spent $766,295, with 76% going to Republicans.

This will probably be a fun event, as SCI knows how to do it up right. Back in June 2006, Safari Club International held a charity auction, presided over by special guest auctioneer Tom DeLay, the former House Republican leader and later a guest on Dancing With The Stars. As auctioneer, the staunch social conservative DeLay engaged in wordplay surrounding the animal vest that was being sold: "Who wants a beaver?" DeLay said, also adding: "Everybody likes beaver, even women."