Boehner: Democratic Health Care Reform Proposal Is “Criminal Malpractice”


Democrats and Republicans and their allies are reacting to the House’s health care reform draft bill with predictable levels of support or opposition. Unions are supportive. With typical restraint, Tom Donohue of the Chamber of Commerce says “Since when does our great free market country punish success? If there’s one sure way to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, this is it.”

But I’d like to highlight the statement of House Minority Leader John Boehner: “During a deep economic recession,” Boehner says, “it is criminal malpractice for Democrats to push a government takeover of health care and a new small business tax that will destroy more American jobs.”

Criminal malpractice, eh? Somewhat ironic from a proponent of tort reform. But he goes on. “House Republicans have offered a better health care alternative that will reduce costs, expand access, and let Americans who like their plans keep them – all without a job-killing small business tax.”

You can read that four-page plan here if you’d like. But if you’d like me to save you the time, here’s a hint: it would achieve universal health care and bend the cost curve downward through a familiar Republican grab bag of tax credits and magic.


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