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Boehner Opposes ENDA, Quashing Hopes In The House

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

ENDA prohibits businesses from making employment decisions on the basis of a worker's sexual orientation and gender identity. Social conservatives oppose the bill and Heritage Action, an influential conservative activist group, is whipping lawmakers to block it.

"The legislation would severely undermine civil liberties, increase government interference in the labor market, and trample on religious liberty," said Heritage Action, announcing it will include the vote in its legislative scorecard. "ENDA would potentially discourage job creation because it would increase government interference in the labor market."

Rory Cooper, a spokesman for Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), confirmed that the House has no plans to take up ENDA.

"The bill under consideration in the Senate is currently not scheduled in the House," Cooper said in an email. "I hope Majority Leader Reid soon addresses the dozens of House-passed bills that have been ignored in the do-nothing Senate that create jobs, improve education and create opportunity while Americans struggle to find a good-paying job."

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