Bill Clinton In Massachusetts: Don’t Let The Tea Parties Appropriate The Boston Tea Party


Former President Bill Clinton campaigned today for Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley, making an appeal to the state’s progressive voters to turn out to vote on Tuesday — and to not let the right claim the mantle of the Boston Tea Party.

“The reason these polls are all over the place is because no one knows who’s going to show up,” said Bill, the Boston Herald reports.

“I came here to tell the people of Massachusetts this: This country’s revolution was born in Massachusetts,” Bill added. “The Revolutionary War was first won here. The war was over here years before it was finally finished. It started with the Boston Tea Party, and the right wing Republicans have appropriated that on the premise the tea party was against government.”

Instead, Bill put forward this key difference, a seeming attack on the Republicans: “What they were against was abuse of power.”