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Ben Quayle Vs. Gun-Shooting Gorman In Arizona: Battle Of The Wacky Ads


Quayle, of course, has also had to battle challenges to his own family-values credentials -- most notably having posted years ago on a web site called "Dirty Scottsdale," about nightlife in the eponymous Arizona city. Another candidate, businessman Steve Moak, has been attacking Quayle for this. Here's his ad:

That's spurred Quayle's dad, the former Vice President, to get involved, Politico reports.

"I took my fair share of outrageous slams in politics but Steve Moak's vicious smear against my son is over the top and unprecedented," Dan Quayle wrote in an email to Ben's supporter list. "I have never in my 35 years of politics seen such an ugly, slanderous assault in the closing days of a campaign against a fellow Republican."

Quayle hasn't been the only source of entertainment, though. Two months ago, Gorman had an ad touting that she is of a high "caliber" as a candidate -- followed by video of Gorman firing a Tommy Gun, a handgun and an assault rifle, and also helping her son to shoot.

Funny thing: The announcer boasted that Gorman was "a pretty fair shot" and "always right on target," but the camera never actually showed any target that Gorman might have been firing at.