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Bachmann: 'We Need To Start Literally Banging Garbage Lids Together' Against Health Care Bill


Bachmann also ventured into the same area of discussion as the "death panels," warning that the health care bill is really a plot to have the government seize the money involved in health care and then cut off treatment for the elderly.

"But even more importantly, government is desperate for more tax revenue, and that's what they're looking to do -- bring more tax revenue in," said Bachmann. "And that's another reason why they want to own your health care, because they want to be able to shut off your access to health care, so that they don't have to pay for it. Because remember in the health care bill, they're going to cut $500 billion out of Medicare, and that's why senior citizens are so nervous right now, because they realize they're looking at rationing and cutting off care in the future."

(Via the Minnesota Independent)