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Arizona GOP To Ask Brewer For Early 2012 Primary -- Breaking RNC Rules


A state that violates the rules would lose some of its delegates to the Republican National Convention -- but as Real Clear Politics reports, Mecum's thinking is that the rules wouldn't really matter:

Mecum explained that the penalties, which range from losing delegates at the nominating convention over the summer to awarding votes proportionally, likely will not matter. Delegates likely would be restored by the time the convention took place, but an early win for a candidate could help provide momentum and decide the nominee, so the state party believes there are greater benefits to breaking the rules and getting more attention in the process.

I asked state GOP communications director Matt Roberts whether the state's Republican elected officials would follow through on such a resolution. "Quite possibly," said Roberts. "I know that they are aware of it but i'm not sure that they've necessarily thought one way or the other. Obviously this is emanating from us, and then they'll have the opportunity to respond to it."

How does he expect Brewer would act, I asked? "I wouldn't want to speculate as to what people may or may not do when it comes to this," said Roberts. "Not at this point, especially before we know whether it would pass or not."

I asked Brewer's office what the governor's position would be. "The Governor has not yet commented on the subject," spokesperson Tasya Peterson replied in an email.

The party sent us the text of the resolution:


WHEREAS, among the western United States, Arizona's population best represents the national population of American voters, and

WHEREAS, Arizona's large and diverse population deserves to play a meaningful role in the selection of the Republican Party's nominee in 2012, and

WHEREAS, Arizona's Republican voters have a distinguished history of representing the best of Republican values;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the State Committee of the Arizona Republican Party calls upon Governor Janice K. Brewer to use the authority vested in her, pursuant to ARS §16-241(B), to plain that Arizona's next Presidential preference election shall occur on the first Tuesday in February of 2012.