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Aqua Buddha Victim Speaks On Conway Ad, Paul's Past


"My whole point in sharing [the episode] was that Randy used to be a different person with different views that have radically changed, and he's not acknowledging that," the woman told Sargent. "That is why I shared it in the first place."

Though she says her story isn't "consequential enough to drive the Senate race," she suggested to Greg that she does agree with one central tenet of Conway's recent campaign strategy, which has centered around using stories from Baylor to, essentially, cast Paul as a phony when it comes to Christian conservativism.

"There was a different side to him at one time and he's pretending that it never existed," If he would just acknowledge it, it would all go away and it wouldn't matter anymore."

Here's a look at Conway's ad, based on the woman's Aqua Buddha tale:

And here's Paul's response ad:

The TPM Poll Average shows Paul leading the race 46.9-41.7.