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Anderson Cooper Takes On Anti-Mosque GOP Candidate (VIDEO)


Cooper also asked her about her ad's contention that Muslims would build "victory mosques" in places they conquered.

COOPER: But don't all -- don't all religions do that? I mean, you're Catholic. Rome was conquered from the pagans and their altars destroyed so the Vatican could be built.

Christian conquistadors and pilgrims to America all destroyed local religions and built their own houses of worship. Is the Vatican a victory church?

ELLMERS: No, that is the --

COOPER: It's not?

ELLMERS: You are -- you are incorrect in your statement, sir. That is not what has happened.

COOPER: Wait. Wait. So, wait. Just about every religion -- when a religion in the past used to conquer in a war, they wouldn't build a house of worship; the Catholic Church didn't build houses of worship on -- on the sites of other religions?

ELLMERS: Now, we all know about religion. I'm a Christian.

COOPER: Well, yes or no. I know you're a -- right.

ELLMERS: I am Catholic. Yes, I am.

No, you -- you are wrong in your assumptions.


COOPER: Wait. Wait. Wait. I'm wrong -- (CROSSTALK)

ELLMERS: And, you know, I guess -- I guess what I could ask you is, are you anti-religion? Are you anti-Christian in your thinking?

COOPER: That is -- that is like -- that's like the lowest response I have ever heard from a candidate, I have got to tell you.

ELLMERS: Really? Really?