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AL-GOV Candidate: English-Only Driver's License Tests Please! (VIDEO)


If the issue is really illegal immigration, we asked, why not make an ad focusing on that as a specific issue? "Because we have a common sense solution focused campaign," said Hall. "We wanted to look at one common sense solution that would save the taxpayers at least some money, but would be something that would be simple, make sense, and could make a difference for the people of Alabama."

Hall explained that if people had to learn English in order to get a driver's license in Alabama, illegal immigrants would be less likely to come to the state: "It would make it inconvenient for them to get an Alabama driver's license, that's for sure." In addition, Hall said that there was a legitimate public safety issue in play, when it comes to people who are unable to read English-language road signs or effectively communicate if they get in an accident.

One question we also asked was whether James would support an anti-illegal immigration law similar to the one passed in Arizona. Hall took a wait-and-see approach: "Yes, but we'd need to take a look at this piece of legislation. It was carefully crafted, it has some really good points about it. But instead of embracing it right off the bat, you've got to look at it and see how it pans out, how well it's enforced, and how enforceable it is, the kind of training law-enforcement officers will go through to make sure they don't violate a person's civil rights. It's well worth taking a look at, and hopefully modeling for legislation in the future."