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Abortion, Spending Cuts Hamper Deal To Avoid Government Shutdown


That's at least in part because of the composition of the cuts. Republicans propose giving the Pentagon $2 billion more than Defense Secretary Robert Gates has requested. That additional spending puts additional pressure on domestic discretionary programs, which are taking the brunt of the cuts.

Late last night, after a White House meeting with President Obama and key aides, House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released a joint statement signaling progress. A Democratic source briefed on negotiations said the two were very close to agreement.

But with just over 12 hours to go until the government shuts down, somethings going to have to give, or one side's going to have to budge. Obama has told principals he wants an answer this morning. If they do reach agreement, the Senate could send the House emergency legislation to keep the government open into next week, allowing aides to complete paperwork on the spending bill, pass it in both chambers, and send it to the White House for a signature.

"While nothing will be decided until everything is decided, the largest issue is still spending cuts," said Boehner spokesman Michael Steel in a statement Friday morning. "The American people want to cut spending to help the private sector create jobs - and the Democrats that run Washington don't."

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