Nationalities Of 18 Malaysia Jet Passengers Still Unconfirmed


A Malaysia Airlines plane that was shot down Thursday over Eastern Ukraine was carrying 298 people from at least 10 countries, the Associated Press reported. The nationalities of 18 passengers were still unconfirmed.

More than half of the people traveling on the downed jet were Dutch, according to the AP. So far no Americans have been identified as passengers.

Here’s a breakdown of the confirmed nationalities of those on board, according to the AP:

Netherlands: 173

Malaysia: 44 (including 15 crew and two infants)

Australia: 28

Indonesia: 12 (including one infant)

United Kingdom: 9

Germany: 4

Belgium: 4

Philippines: 3

Canada: 1

New Zealand: 1

Hong Kong: 1

Unconfirmed nationalities: 18