Trump Ad Claims Cruz Is The ‘Worst Kind Of Washington Insider’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump debuted a new TV ad Monday that painted rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as the “worst kind of Washington insider” who pulled shenanigans against Dr. Ben Carson in the Iowa caucuses and took undisclosed loans from Wall Street.

The ad began airing in South Carolina the night before the New Hampshire primary, according to CNN.

“Who took more than a million dollars in sweetheart loans from Wall Street banks, and fails to disclose it as required by law?” the ad’s narrator says. “Who runs a campaign accused of dirty tricks, that tried to sabotage Ben Carson with false rumors? Ted Cruz: the worst kind of Washington insider that just can’t be trusted.”

On the night of the Iowa caucuses, CNN reported that Carson would travel to Florida for a “brief rest.” Then the Cruz campaign, citing that report, sent an alert to supporters that suggested Carson was dropping out of the race and his supporters should be persuaded to put their votes behind Cruz. Carson accused Cruz of playing “dirty tricks,” but said the senator ultimately apologized to him.

Cruz also beat out Trump for first place in the Iowa caucuses.

Watch the ad here.