GOP Rep. Parries Mulvaney’s Birthday Wishes: ‘You Are Hard To Work With’

Bill Clark/CQPHO

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on Monday parried birthday wishes from White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney, pointing out the number of Mulvaney’s colleagues who have departed President Donald Trump’s administration since January.

“What do you get for someone on his 60th birthday? A razor and a comb,” Mulvaney tweeted at Gowdy. “Happy birthday.”

“I’m just a couple of haircuts away from equaling the number of staff departures by your WH colleagues,” Gowdy, whose coif has been dubbed “the most confusing hair in Congress,” fired back. “I get it. You are hard to work with.”

Washington Examiner reporter Philip Wegmann reported that Gowdy was skeptical Mulvaney would follow through on his offer.

Mulvaney’s response to Gowdy was short, to the point and in line with his stance on “Meals on Wheels,” which Mulvaney in March claimed was not “showing any results.”

“It is 100 percent a joke. Mr. Gowdy and Mr. Mulvaney have been best friends for years,” Gowdy’s communications director Amanda Gonzalez told TPM by email. “It was purely a joke.”

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