Noah: I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Carson Thinks Gaza Strip Is Strip Club (VIDEO)

While reporters and pundits are questioning the foreign policy chops of retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah said on Wednesday’s show that we should try to give Carson a chance to prove himself.

“Maybe you’re surprised that the guy who thinks the pyramids are grain silos isn’t that smart about foreign affairs, but let’s not just take his adviser’s word for it. Let’s see for ourselves,” Noah said.

When asked “who he would call” to start an international coalition against the Islamic State terrorist group, Carson was repeatedly unable to say.

“It’s Ghostbusters! C’mon! Everybody knows the right answer to that question. You could go to any African country and ask a little kid and he’d be like, ‘Ghostbusters! And UNICEF… I’m hungry.’ “

The New York Times quoted one of his foreign policy advisers saying that Carson is unable to absorb “one iota of intelligent information” on foreign policy.

“At this rate, I wouldn’t be shocked to find out Carson thought the Gaza Strip was a titty bar in Vegas,” Noah said.

Watch the clip, from Comedy Central, below: