Panetta: ‘Not Quite Sure’ Which Version Of Trump Will Turn Up From Day To Day

Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Wednesday said it’s hard to tell how President Donald Trump will behave from one day to the next, or whether he’s enjoying his job in the Oval Office.

“There is a sense that you’re not quite sure whether Donald Trump is really enjoying being President of the United States,” Panetta said on CNN. “And you’re not quite sure what Donald Trump is going to show up in the Oval Office.”

He said that “one day” Trump “is dividing the American people” and the next “he comes back and gives a speech to the American legion that I think, you know, obviously hit some very responsible issues,” referring to Trump’s remarks on Wednesday.

“He’s got to decide which one of these roles is he going to take as President,” Panetta said.

He said Trump will have to decide in “what direction” he wants to lead the country.

“If he’s going to take this divisive role, then you have to raise the question, is the President of the United States — does he really want that as his legacy, as President of the United States, or would it be better for him to move on?” Panetta said. “I think that’s a decision that this President is going to have to make.”