Former Trump Aide Says Bannon’s WH Departure Was ‘Not Personal To Him’


President Donald Trump’s former deputy campaign manager David Bossie on Sunday said ousted chief White House strategist Steve Bannon did not see his departure from the White House as a “personal” matter.

“I do believe that Steve Bannon is going to be a very loyal soldier to the President as it relates to his agenda from the outside,” Bossie, who runs Citizens United, said on “Fox News Sunday.”

He predicted that Bannon will be “a very important voice for the President as it relates to leaning into Congress,” which Bossie called “one of the biggest challenges the President’s had.”

Asked who pushed for Bannon’s ouster, Bossie said, “There are a host and there has been, and we’ve all read about and seen about the different factions within the White House staff.”

He said such divisions exist in “every presidency.”

“There’s no difference here,” Bossie said. “The one thing I’ve learned from Steve in the last couple of days is, in his opinion, for the future, this is not personal to him.”