Christie Can’t Guarantee Political Retribution Limited To Bridge Scandal


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said Thursday that he can’t guarantee lane closures on the George Washington Bridge were the only acts of political retribution carried out by his aides.

Responding to a reporter who asked whether he is “confident” the revenge tactic didn’t go beyond the lane closures, Christie said he wouldn’t guarantee that, based on his experience fielding the bridge scandal over the past few months.

“I don’t have any evidence before me as we speak that it went beyond this incident, but I can’t tell you that I know that for sure as to every aspect of everything,” he said in a press conference. “Now I have to be much more circumspect to that. Prior to yesterday, I believed that if I looked someone in the eye who I worked with and trusted, and asked them, that I would get an honest answer. Maybe that was naive, but that’s what I believed. So now I’m going and digging in and asking more questions, but I can’t make a warranty on that.”

“I won’t,” he added. “When I did that four weeks ago, I wound up being wrong.”