In Their Guts, They’re Clearly Nuts

For years I hoped that the climate skeptics (and in the past there was still a decent amount of legit scientific skepticism) might have a point since the reality of global warming is so frightening and I have my doubts about the world’s ability to get its act together to do something about it.

Unfortunately, virtually all the skeptics being freaks and eccentrics brought me little solace.Here’s a snippet from the Times dotearth blog about a gathering of skeptics at Copenhagan …

Meanwhile, Claus Castenskiold, a retired gentleman farmer with connections to the Danish royal family, said that while he is not a scientist, he feels in his heart that the skeptics are right.

Remember Steve Stockman? Perhaps the most whacked of the Republican House class of 1994, which let’s be honest is truly saying something. He bounced out of his Texas district after one term.

Here’s there too …

Steve Stockman, a former Congressman from Texas, put blinders over his eyes and pulled out a dollar bill as a way of deriding what was happening down the road at the Bella Center, where delegates are busy trying to find agreement on cuts to global greenhouse gas emissions and a treaty to combat climate change.

“If you want to read about global warming,” he declared, “here’s your equipment.”

Yep, we’re in good hands.