Inside is TPM’s inner circle membership. It is for TPM Readers who want a closer, deeper look at the most important news stories and policy questions. It brings you inside operations at TPM and gives you input in guiding our future.

Inside is also for TPM Readers who want to and are able to support TPM at a higher level than a base Prime membership.

Join a small community of the most dedicated TPM Readers and supporters who make our work possible.

What You Get
off the record
The centerpiece of Inside is weekly Inside briefings members can join either by phone or online. Twice a month Josh Marshall hosts an off-the-record conference call with a major newsmaker or policy expert. Members get to listen in and ask their questions. On alternating weeks, Josh will host an hour long conference call Q&A with Inside members. We also host briefings in response to major breaking news and events as news dictates.
We’ll meet in person twice a year, once in Washington, DC and once in New York City for half day panel events. (We’re not elitist! That’s just where we’re based. In year two we plan to expand to other cities.)
If you’re an Inside member, you’re not just really into political news. You must be really into TPM itself. With Inside, you’re not just a member. You’re a stakeholder. Twice a year we’ll present Inside members with a detailed report and hosted discussion of the TPM’s goals, strategies, key projects and finances over the following six months. Be part of the discussion about TPM and its future.
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  • Access to The Hive Forum
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