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Matt Bradley, Middle East correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, tweeted that the army is sending troops to Tahrir Square in Cairo, according to his conversation with a military spokesperson.

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Reporter Nancy Youssef, McClatchy Newspapers' Middle East bureau chief, tweeted from the clashes ongoing in Cairo. Youssef noted that there were anti-Morsi protesters firing fireworks and bullets at Muslim Brotherhood supporters, who are firing back.

Host David Gregory is scheduled to interview Mohamed ElBaradei on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday. 

ElBaradei, the Nobel Prize laureate tapped by Egyptian opposition leaders to represent them in negotiations, defended the ouster of ex-President Morsi Thursday, saying the move could "not have waited even one more week.”

The Obama administration's spring edition of its regulatory agenda, which was released on Wednesday, included yet another delay to a rule it proposed more than two and a half years ago aimed at reducing miners' exposure to coal dust, the Charleston Gazette's Ken Ward Jr. reported.

The dust causes the irreversible and potentially deadly black lung disease, which has been on the rise in recent years. The rule would seek to tighten allowable levels of coal dust exposure, and include provisions for continuous personal dust monitors for miners.

The new rule was originally proposed October 2010. The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration had most recently listed a target date for the rule as June 2013. The new date is listed as September 2013.

Another new rule that would require continuous mining machines to be equipped with devices to prevent miners from being run over or crushed has been in a holding pattern at the White House Office of Management and Budget since September 2011, according to the Gazette. The latest in a series of delays puts its finalization at November 2013.


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BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen was hit with shotgun pellets while reporting from a protest in Cairo, according to his tweet Friday. 

The update came a half-hour after Bowen tweeted from the Muslim Brotherhood demonstration where the body of a dead protester was still on the scene. 

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The building that houses Al Jazeera's live Egypt service was raided by security forces and forcibly taken off the air, according to an update Al Jazeera English posted to its website Wednesday evening. 

Al Jazeera correspondents told Al Jazeera English the raid occurred while a live broadcast was in progress, and that the presenter, guests and producers were arrested.

Update: Ayman Mohyeldin, a foreign correspondent for NBC News based in Egypt, tweeted that a group of men came to NBC's offices in Egypt looking for Al Jazeera journalists.

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Former Egyptian General Sameh Seif Elyazal told CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour Wednesday that newly-ousted President Mohamed Morsi would be "most welcome" to run for office in the upcoming presidential election.

"I don't think there is any law to exile him from that. So he is most welcome to play his role again," Elyazal said.

Elyazal also said the army does not intend to exile or imprison Morsi.

"He is in a very safe place. There is no intention whatsoever to put him in jail. There is no intention whatsoever to put anybody else in jail, at all," Elyazal said. "And he is free, I guess he would be free to leave Egypt soon, or to live in Egypt, it depends on him."

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The Syrian government called for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to step down Wednesday amid massive protests, Reuters reported. Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's administration has spent two years attempting to suppress an ongoing uprising calling for his own ouster. Upwards of 93,000 people were killed in the Syrian conflict as of June according to a United Nations report.

"(Egypt's) crisis can be overcome if Mohamed Mursi realizes that the overwhelming majority of the Egyptian people reject him and are calling on him to go," Information Minister Omran Zoabi was quoted as saying by the state news agency SANA.

Morsi attended a rally in mid-June which called for jihad against Assad's regime in Syria.

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Cairo-based journalist Jack Shenker, who is covering Egypt for the Guardian, tweeted that troops now controlled two major bridges accross the Nile on Wednesday afternoon.
Journalist Alastair Beach, a Cairo correspondent for the UK Independent, tweeted two photos of the Egyptian military in formation on and near bridges leading to Cairo University, where four died at the protests yesterday.

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Egyptian President Morsi will give an on-air address on Egypt's state television, Reuters reported in a Tweet posted Tuesday afternoon.

Update: Morsi is addressing Egypt now. NBC Tweeted a photo of the Egyptian president speaking on state TV.


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