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Zoë Schlanger is Frontpage Editor at TPM. Zoë was a TPM intern in 2011, and prior to returning here she was editor in chief of NYU Local, the alternative independent student news site at NYU. Zoë has interned at places like the Nation, InsideClimate News, The Rachel Maddow Show and Gothamist. She can be reached at zoe@talkingpointsmemo.com.

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A group of student activists known as the Dream Defenders ended their sit-in Thursday at the Florida capitol in Talahassee after 31 days and 30 nights, the Miami Herald reported.

The activists weren't able to get Gov. Rick Scott (R) to call a special session on the state's Stand Your Ground law, but they did draw national attention for the longest sit-in the capitol has seen in recent history.

The sit-in began July 16, three days after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Scott met with the protesters on July 18, but refused their demands, according to the Herald.

“We said if [Scott] would not give us a seat at the table, we would sleep on the floor until [he] gave us what we deserved,” Dream Defenders Executive Director Phillip Agnew told the Herald.

Agnew said the group planned to work on registering thousands of new voters in the coming months, and return to the capitol for the fall legislative committee hearings.

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Abortion opponents in Ohio plan to reintroduce a measure to ban abortion at about six weeks into pregnancy, State Rep. Lynn Wachtmann (R) told the Associated Press Thursday. 

The 'fetal heartbeat bill' previously caused an uproar but ultimately failed in the Ohio state legislature last year, when then-Speaker of the Senate Tom Niehaus (R) blocked it from coming to a vote, RH Reality Check reported. Niehaus has since retired.

About 40 of the 99 Ohio House members have signed onto the bill as co-sponsors this time, Wachtmann, an original sponsor of the bill, told the AP.

Wachtmann plans to announce the effort at a news conference Thursday, where Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, stars of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting," are also expected to speak, the AP reported.

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Google appears to now be translating the Spanish word for "undocumented" correctly into English after previously rendering it as "illegal immigrant," according to ABC-Fusion writer Jorge Rivas.

A Google spokesperson previously told Rivas it had no plans to update the translation for 'indocumentado' as it appears in some instances online, noting that the service provides a field for users to suggest a better translation in order to improve the system.

Fusion followed 10 Spanish-language news stories where “indocumentado” appeared in the headline, and reported that as of Tuesday evening, Google Translate generated "undocumented" for the English translations, when before they read "illegal immigrant." Check out screen shots of two such headlines here.

It’s unclear if Google's translation service now translates all instances of “indocumentado” to undocumented, Rivas noted.

This post has been updated.

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) blasted Russia's anti-gay law on Wednesday as a criminalization of equality. 

Russia passed a law in June that banned spreading “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” to minors, and announced last week it planned to enforce the law at the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi. The law specifies up to 15 days in prison and fines of up to 100,000 rubles ($3,000) for foreign citizens, as well as deportation and denial of reentry into Russia, the Associated Press reported.

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The death toll from clashes Wednesday between police and pro-Morsi protesters in Egypt has risen to 149, the Associated Press reported.

The Pentagon is expected to announce Wednesday that married gay military service members and their spouses will be offered the same benefits as straight married couples as early as September, NBC News reported.

Also included in the announcement will reportedly be a "marraige leave" program for gay couples. Service members stationed in one of the 37 states where gay marriage is illegal will be allowed to take up to 10 days of leave to travel to one of the 13 states or Washington, D.C. where gay marriage is legal.

Michelle Obama has identified the next frontier in fighting childhood obesity: hip hop.

The First Lady's "Let's Move!" campaign is releasing 19 tracks and ten music videos with artists Jordin Sparks, Ashanti, Run DMC, Doug E. Fresh and Monifah, Salon reported Tuesday. Song titles include gems like “U R What You Eat” and “Veggie Luv.”

"Songs for a Healthier America" is due to drop September 30.

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Google has no intention of correcting the translation of the Spanish word for "undocumented" to "illegal immigrant" in English, according to ABC-Fusion writer Jorge Rivas.

A Google spokesperson told Rivas it has no plans to update the translation for 'indocumentado' as it appears in some instances online, noting that the service provides a field for users to suggest a better translation in order to improve the system.

“Since the translations are generated by machine, they’re not always perfect, but we're constantly working to improve the quality of our algorithms, and we appreciate this feedback,” a Google product communications specialist said in a statement.

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New Orleans became the first city in the Deep South to formally defy federal requests to detain suspected illegal immigrants, the New York Times reported Monday.

The city's policy directs the New Orleans Parish sheriff's office to decline all requests by ICE to detain persons suspected to be undocumented, unless they are being held on certain felony charges, according to the Times. It also bars ICE agents from entering parts of the jail without a warrant or court order.

Similar policies have been enacted since 2011 in Chicago, New York, Washington, and Connecticut, but the New Orleans policy goes farther than others in refusing to cooperate with aspects of the federal immigration system, the NYT reported.


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