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Tierney Sneed is a reporter for Talking Points Memo. She previously worked for U.S. News and World Report. She grew up in Florida and attended Georgetown University.

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Census Case Fallout Continues. When it comes to the Trump administration’s efforts to use the census to boost Republicans, it was another busy news week.

  • The administration responded to the latest allegations about the evidence it withheld in the census citizenship question litigation. In sworn statements, key officials claimed they did not recall having the communications that were withheld.
  • The tab the administration has agreed to pay for the opposing side’s attorneys’ fees in the case has grown to $9 million.
  • The administration’s back-up plan to assemble the citizenship data is chugging along, with at least one state agreeing to provide DMV records that the bureau requested for the project.

North Carolina Congressional Map Still In Flux: The North Carolina state court that found that Republican lawmakers illegally gerrymandered their maps is not ready to OK the legislature’s attempt to fix the U.S. congressional map. The filing deadline for congressional candidates was pushed back, as the court considers whether to redraw the congressional map itself. The state legislature recently approved a redrawn map, but the organizations that sued the state have argued to the court that the lawmakers did not do enough to correct the gerrymander.

Presidential Debate Moderators Finally Ask A Voting Rights Question: For the first time in several years, a presidential debate featured a question about voting rights. Rachel Maddow posed a question about voter access to 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg, after Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) raised voter suppression in the context of an answer about voting rights. It was the first time this cycle a voting rights question was asked, and no voting rights questions were asked during the debates in the 2016 cycle, according to the Nation.

Appeals Court Says Texas Doesn’t Have To Fix It Motor Voter System: An appeals court reversed a district court decision ordering that Texas update its voter registration system. A civil rights group had sued the state alleging a National Voter Registration Act violation because the state does not allow residents to register to vote as they renew their driver’s licenses online. The appeals court ruled earlier this month that the plaintiffs in the case didn’t have standing to bring the lawsuit.

Voter ID Lawsuit In Wisconsin Alleges Student Disenfranchisement: A new lawsuit alleges that Wisconsin is violating the 26th Amendment — which sets the voting age at 18 — with a voter ID law that imposes additional requirements on voters who try to use student IDs in accordance with the law. The lawsuit, brought by the voting rights group the Andrew Goodman Foundation, argued Republicans passed the law knowing that the ID issued by colleges did not meet the requirements laid out in the law.

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Judge Looking At New Evidence In Census Sanctions Issue:  The new evidence that the House Oversight Committee turned up in its census probe will now be in front of a federal judge as he considers whether to sanction the Trump administration for its behavior in the census citizenship case. The House announced earlier this month new evidence tying a now-deceased GOP gerrymandering expert closer to the effort to add the question. The ACLU on Thursday flagged the evidence for the court, and alleged that not only did the administration obscure the GOP expert’s role in the original litigation, it continued to mislead the court about the evidence it withheld. The judge has given the administration until Friday to respond to the allegations.

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