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Tierney Sneed is a reporter for Talking Points Memo. She previously worked for U.S. News and World Report. She grew up in Florida and attended Georgetown University.

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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) and his predecessor, Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley, are squabbling over furniture O'Malley allegedly took with him upon his 2015 departure from the governor's mansion.

Hogan accused O'Malley of being "misleading" in his account of when O'Malley showed the Hogans the mansion before the Hogans moved in.

"He has been misleading, no question about it," Hogan said at a news conference Tuesday, according to The Baltimore Sun. "At no time did Governor O'Malley or the first lady mention any plan to take 54 pieces of furniture."

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The University of Florida vs. Florida State rivalry that long has dominated college football in the Sunshine state has spilled over into the presidential race.

The trash talking started when University of Florida alum Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) told Monday Iowa's KXNO 1460 AM, "Look, I don't have anything against Florida State. I think there has to be a school where people who can't get into [University of] Florida can go to college."

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A North Carolina lawmaker is defending his sharing of a Facebook meme that imagines Benjamin Netanyahu calling President Obama a "coward" and "Islamic son of a bitch."

The meme, which state Rep. Michael Speciale (R) publicly shared on his Facebook Sept. 5, shows a picture of the Israeli prime minister speaking to Obama and envisions a conversation in which Netanyahu tells Obama "Look you Islamic son of a bitch, unless you give all your land back to the native indians, don't pretend to lecture Israeli's [sic] about our borders when you can't control your own."

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While GOP leadership's plan to let lawmakers blow steam at Planned Parenthood has shown no sign of defusing a possible government shutdown, Rep. Charlie Dent, a moderate Republican from Pennsylvania, is offering his own escape route.

The New York Times reports that Dent will push a compromise bill that would target the federal funding of only a handful of Planned Parenthood affiliates accused of selling aborted fetal tissue, rather than block the $500 million or so in federal funding to the entire reproductive health organization.

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The plan hatched by the GOP leadership in Congress to appease abortion hardliners and avoid a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood funding shows little sign of working so far.

Facing a Sept. 30 deadline to fund the government, GOP leaders in both chambers decided they would fast-track standalone anti-abortion bills in an effort to allow conservative Republicans to express their anger over a series of “sting” videos claiming to show that Planned Parenthood is illegally harvesting the tissue of aborted fetuses. The leadership hoped that with those votes out of the way, the path would be clear for long-delayed bills to fund the government in the new fiscal year, even if those bills contained money for Planned Parenthood.

But anti-abortion groups and conservative House members are not backing down from their hard line. They are reiterating that they will not vote for bills that include Planned Parenthood funding under any circumstances, despite the maneuvering by leaders to vent their outrage over the videos. If anything, anti-abortion groups are amping up the pressure on lawmakers not to back down from the fight.

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GOP presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich had some harsh words for conservatives threatening to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood.

"The president's made it clear he is not going to sign it," Kasich said on Fox News Sunday. "I'm willing to fight all day long, but you've got to have a good prospect of being able to be successful. Because if you're not successful, you shut the government down, you open it up and you haven't achieved anything. You're just going to have people shake their head and wonder what your thinking was."

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Staring down the possibility of another government shutdown at the end of the month, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) went on the record with Politico to tamp down fears that there would be a shutdown over Planned Parenthood funding.

“Shutting down the government, it doesn’t defund Planned Parenthood any more than shutting down the government two years ago would have defunded Obamacare,” McConnell said in the interview, referring to the 2013 shutdown that was led by some of the same cast of characters floating a shutdown now.

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Kim Davis -- the Kentucky clerk who stopped issuing all marriage licenses after the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling -- is taking another stab at stopping same-sex marriages in her county.

Her lawyers filed a petition Friday with the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals asking the court to halt an order by a district judge requiring that marriage licenses be issued to all couples seeking them, Buzzfeed reported.

The district judge, Judge David Bunning, initially ordered Davis on Aug 12 to issue licenses to the four couples who brought a lawsuit against her for refusing to oversee their marriages. A stay to that order brought by Davis' lawyers was denied by the appeals court as well as the Supreme Court.

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Ben Carson's issue with Black Lives Matter, he said Friday, is that the protest movement is not focusing enough on abortion.

"My beef with the Black Lives Matter movement has been, I think they have to add a word and that is 'all," all black lives matter, including the ones that are eradicated by abortion," Carson said at a press conference in Ferguson, Missouri. He also added to that category the lives ended by violence on the street.

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