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Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) accused Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) at Tuesday's vice presidential debate of "trying to fuzz up" Donald Trump's stance on dealing with the immigrants in the United States illegally.

"When Donald Trump spoke in Phoenix, he looked the audience in the eye and he said, 'No, we're building a wall, and we're deporting everybody.' He said, quote, 'They will all be gone. They will all be gone,'" Kaine said. "And this is one of those ones where you can just go to the tape on it and see what Donald Trump has said."

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Former President Bill Clinton critiqued on Monday an aspect of the Affordable Care Act that he called "the craziest thing in the world," while slamming Republicans for their vows to repeal President Obama's signature legislative accplishment.

Speaking at a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Flint, Michigan, the former president criticized Donald Trump's stance, which Clinton described as, "Oh, just repeal it all. The market will take care of it," according to a video posted by CNN.

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Donald Trump used his private foundation -- funded largely by outsider contributions -- to build relationships with social conservative groups ahead of his 2016 presidential bid, an examination by Real Clear Politics published Tuesday found.

In one case, the Trump Foundation may have violated IRS rules by donating to a not-for-profit allowed to engage in a political activity -- and thus subject to tougher regulations regarding incoming contributions -- as opposed to a traditional charity. The other transactions highlighted by Real Clear Politics reveal a pattern starting in 2011 of Trump speaking at right wing groups' confabs around the same time the Trump Foundation was making donations to their non-profit affiliates, though the RCP report stopped short of alleging an explicit quid pro quo.

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As the revelations about the Donald Trump Foundation have piled up, an overarching theme has emerged: Trump’s foundation wasn’t operating the way well-meaning wealthy people usually run their philanthropic non-profits.

“He's a guy who is supposedly a billionaire but has run that foundation like a thousand-aire,” Jim Fishman, a professor at The Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University in New York, told TPM last week. “The scope of it is surprising. Normally you would have one or two things, but this is rotten all over the core.”

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The New York Attorney General's office sent the Donald Trump Foundation a cease and desist letter Friday pointing to its apparent solicitation of outside contributions without being properly registered to do so.

In a comment to NBC News, which first broke news of the letter, the Trump campaign cited what it alleged were the "political motives" of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) in pursing the investigation, while adding that the charity plans to cooperate.

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Update: Buzzfeed posted Friday Donald Trump's video deposition from his lawsuit against restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian, who he sued for backing out of plans to open a restaurant in Trump's new hotel in Washington. Buzzfeed intervened in the case with a motion seeking to obtain the video. The judge in the case, D.C. Superior Court Judge Brian Holeman, on Friday, ordered its release.

Watch the video -- which has been posted in two parts-- below:

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The latest sign that the Donald Trump Foundation was operating outside the norms of typical non-profits comes in a new Washington Post report published Thursday pointing out that the charity solicited outside contributions without being properly registered to do so, under New York state law.

Tax returns from 2014 and earlier show that charity was registered as an "EPTL" under the state's Estates, Powers and Trusts Law. That wasn't a problem in the charity's early years, when Trump was the only donor. But starting in the mid-aughts, the foundation began receiving outside contributions, which under New York law, requires a "7A" registration. The certification puts the charity under a stricter regulatory regime and requires that it submit annual audits by outside auditors, the Post said.

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and the civil rights groups and voters suing him over the state's proof-of-citizenship voter registration requirement appear to have come to an agreement in a dispute over how the state had been implementing a court ruling blocking that restriction, court documents filed Thursday by the ACLU show.

The agreement was reached ahead of a hearing scheduled for Friday, where Kobach had been ordered to explain why he should not be held in contempt of court.

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The New York attorney general's investigation of the Donald J. Trump Foundation appears to have broadened to include new allegations of self-dealing by Trump that surfaced after the probe began, TPM has learned.

The town of Palm Beach, Florida, has provided documents to the New York Attorney General's Office as part of the probe, a lawyer for the town confirmed to TPM on Wednesday. The documents relate to a legal dispute that Trump settled with the town using foundation money. The details of the 2007 Palm Beach case were first reported by the Washington Post last week.

"The New York Attorney General’s Office did contact me in regard to this matter," John Randolph, the Palm Beach town attorney, told TPM Wednesday evening. "I just sent them the documents that I had previously sent to the Washington Post."

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It’s not just where the money went from the Donald Trump Foundation that’s drawing scrutiny to GOP nominee. It’s also how the money came in.

A new Washington Post report this week presented cases where Trump directed third parties to pay monies owed to him or his businesses directly to the Donald J. Trump Foundation--monies that arguably should have been taxed as income to Trump.

The Trump campaign has said that the payments were all aboveboard and proper, and slammed the Post's reporter for trafficking in speculation about possible but not proven legal problems. All of this comes against the backdrop of Trump refusing to release his tax returns, a stance unprecedented among modern major party presidential nominees. Without those tax returns, the exact handling of the payments and any associated taxes remains murky.

But tax experts interviewed by TPM said the new revelations by the Post include a number of red flags. At best, the practice could be described as sloppy and driven by an extreme ignorance of the law, the experts said. At worst, it fits into a pattern of using the charity as a personal piggy bank. On their own, such allegations could be dealt with a minor slap on the wrist, but coupled with the Post’s previously surfaced examples of Trump using foundation money for his own benefit they fuel major concerns about how Trump’s charity has operated.

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