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Tierney Sneed is a reporter for Talking Points Memo. She previously worked for U.S. News and World Report. She grew up in Florida and attended Georgetown University.

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The Supreme Court unanimously ruled against challengers seeking to change the long-held interpretation of the principle of one person, one vote. Siding with a lower court, the 8-member high court held that total population could be used to draw electoral districts.

The decision for the case, Evenwel v. Abbott, was written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice Samuel Alito and Justice Clarence Thomas each filed concurring opinions.

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After a history of petty spats, Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) and his state legislators appeared to have mended fences and are maintaining a functioning relationship.

April Fools!

This week's show of political immaturity featured the tea party governor blowing off the swearing-in ceremony of a senator-elect—and her family members who traveled to Augusta for the event—because he was angry that Democratic lawmakers had blocked one of his nominees to an executive position.

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A Time magazine report suggested Thursday that the 50 delegates Donald Trump won in South Carolina's winner-take-all primary could be at risk over comments he has made about breaking his pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee.

The story cites a comment from Matt Moore, the chair of the South Carolina Republican Party, who said a broken pledge "could put delegates in jeopardy.” However, Moore clarified after the story was published that there was no effort currently underway to take Trump's delegates away from him.

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Hillary Clinton and allies of her campaign are using remarks Donald Trump made Wednesday suggesting that women should be punished for seeking abortions to bash Clinton's Democratic presidential rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Sanders condemned Trump’s remarks, but signaled he wanted to move on from talking about the controversy.

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Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin published an op-ed Thursday in the New York Times criticizing his fellow lawmakers for failing to restore the Voting Rights Act after the Supreme Court gutted it in 2013.

"Ensuring that every eligible voter can cast a ballot without fear, deterrence and prejudice is a basic American right," Sensenbrenner wrote. "I would rather lose my job than suppress votes to keep it."

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The chairman of the Virgin Islands Republican Party issued a scathing memo late Wednesday accusing "newcomers to our party" of "undermin[ing] the well-established processes spelled out" by the party rules. In the memo, V.I. GOP Chair John Canegata said "a few voices" have caused "a controversy where a controversy need not exist."

"This is the same group that enjoys being obstructionist on virtually everything our party has tried to do over the last four years," Canegata said.

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The Republican National Committee has launched a website to inform the public about what happens in the event of contested GOP convention, the Washington Examiner reported. The website, ConventionFacts.gop, lists party rules regarding the delegates required for a candidate to be nominated to lead the GOP's 2016 convention, as well as the process if no candidate initially meets the requirement.

"ConventionFacts.gop is a tool for voters to learn about convention delegates, rules, and how the overall process works in a simple, easy to understand format," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. "Conventions are democracy in action and our Party's gathering in Cleveland will be an exciting, transparent, and fair process."

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For months, the major concern the anti-abortion movement had with Donald Trump was that he was too wobbly on the issue. But on Wednesday, Trump staked out an abortion position so extreme that he blew up years of abortion foes’ careful messaging.

Trump’s remark at an MSNBC town hall that an abortion ban should carry a punishment for women who seek out the procedure sent anti-abortion activists immediately scrambling to correct the damage.

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Update at 5:50 pm EST: Donald Trump's campaign released a statement Wednesday afternoon reversing his position on punishing women for seeking abortions. In it, Trump said he would punish providers, not women, if abortions were banned.

Donald Trump said Wednesday that "there has to be some form of punishment" for a woman seeking an abortion if it is outlawed in the United States.

Trump was asked by Chris Matthews at an MSNBC town hall whether getting an abortion should be punished if it were considered a crime, such as murder, under the law.

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