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Nicole Lafond is a news writer for TPM based in New York City. She is also currently earning a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University and previously worked as an education reporter at The News-Gazette in Champaign, Ill. Follow her on Twitter @Nicole_Lafond.

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Incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said in a statement on Wednesday that while she wishes President Trump would’ve taken Democrats’ offer of a one-year continuing resolution for the Department of Homeland Security’s budget, she said Democrats would support Senate Republicans’ continuing resolution that will keep the government open until early February.

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Just a day after it was announced that President Trump would dissolve his foundation as part of a settlement agreement with the New York attorney general, Trump complained on Twitter that he was getting “slammed by (Gov. Andrew) Cuomo and the Dems” and that he would “never be treated fairly by these people.”

Trump lauded his controversial foundation — it’s “done great work and given away lots of money” — claiming the lawsuit alleging he and his three oldest children violated state charity laws was politically motivated.

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Customs and Border Protection sent out a tweet Monday night claiming the processing systems for migrants claiming asylum had reached its “capacity” at legal ports of entry given the “influx” of Central American families, but according to advocates who spoke to NBC News, that’s not true.

Immigration lawyers stationed at the border in Otay Mesa, California claim that it’s not at capacity because they witnessed Border Patrol finding space for unaccompanied minors and the family of Maria Meza, whose photo went viral after she was tear gassed at the border last month.

“When they say they’re at capacity at any given day it’s unclear what they mean. They sent 5,000 troops to the border, a huge influx of resources, but the most vulnerable people arriving at our border — asylum seekers — are the ones they don’t have any capacity to process? It doesn’t make sense,” executive director of Immigrant Defenders Law Center told NBC News.

The Trump administration in recent months has made efforts to clamp down on who can claim asylum and when they can claim it.

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Fox News host Lou Dobbs — an ardent defender of President Trump — defended former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was due for sentencing on Tuesday for lying to the FBI. Dobbs suggested the judge overseeing Flynn’s sentencing is a member of special counsel Robert Mueller’s “witch hunt.”

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President Donald Trump signed a letter of intent to pursue the development of a Trump Tower in Moscow, CNN reported, contradicting statements made by his lawyer over the weekend.

During his show on Tuesday night, Chris Cuomo shared the contents of the letter, which preceded discussions for the Moscow tower. The letter is dated Oct. 28, 2015 and was signed by Trump. Giuliani told CNN over the weekend that “no one signed” the letter.

“It is signed by Donald J. Trump. How do I know? Well, because we’ve been told it was by his lawyer,” Cuomo said.

The private dealings associated with the possible Trump Tower Moscow have become increasingly significant in recent weeks, after it was revealed that Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen was working on the project as late as June 2016. That comes in contrast with statements Cohen made to Congress– that he ceased work on the project in January 2016.

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