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Nicole Lafond is a news writer for TPM based in New York City. She is also currently earning a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University and previously worked as an education reporter at The News-Gazette in Champaign, Ill. Follow her on Twitter @Nicole_Lafond.

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Ann Coulter — a longtime supporter of the President who has recently started unloading on him over his handling of border wall funding demands — didn’t mince her words on Monday when she called his planned border visit on Thursday “beyond moronic.”

“Trump GOING TO THE BORDER is beyond moronic,” she said in a series of tweets Monday afternoon when the visit was announced. “Does he need to meet with a cancer patient before deciding to fund cancer research?”

Coulter’s recent critiques of President Trump have been credited, in part, for fueling Trump’s decision to shut down the government over his border wall. Before government funding ran out last month, Trump was initially in support of signing a bipartisan bill that would’ve kept the government open until February while both sides negotiated on wall funding.

But after conservative media personalities like Coulter and Rush Limbaugh raked Trump over the coals for not demanding money for one of his key campaign promises, Trump reversed and forced a partial federal shutdown, which is now entering it’s 18th day.

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