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Nicole Lafond is a news writer for TPM based in New York City. She is also currently earning a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University and previously worked as an education reporter at The News-Gazette in Champaign, Ill. Follow her on Twitter @Nicole_Lafond.

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In his new job as a special correspondent for syndicated newsmagazine show “Extra,” Sean Spicer finally has the platform to ask his past co-workers some of the hard-hitting questions political reporters have been dying to raise.

Like, what’s on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s travel playlist?

Spicer told Hollywood Reporter that when he was pitched the show, his first response was, “Yeah I love this idea.” He hasn’t looked back since.

Marketing the programming as a “pleasant experience,” Spicer told Hollywood Reporter the interviews will be “personal,” not about politics.

Watch the former White House press secretary, who once made a living chastising the mainstream media, chat with  Pompeo and his wife Susan Pompeo about the Oscars and “Bohemian Rhapsody” below:

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The lawyer for a Covington Catholic High School student — whose family just sued The Washington Post for defamation — told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday evening that there’s potential for his client to file “hundreds” of lawsuits, and hinted there are more coming down the pike.

“The good news is that we have two and a half years to identify and file lawsuits against the wrongdoers,” the student, Nick Sandmann’s lawyer, Lin Wood said. “Because he is a minor, Nick will turn 18 in July of 2020, we have two and a half years. We’ve got a lot of work to do because the social media and mainstream mob of bullies was extremely large in number. And they were very vocal. And  the mainstream media like The Washington Post gave them a megaphone.”

Wood also suggested that if Sandmann hadn’t been wearing his Make America Great Again hat during the encounter, no one would know who he was.

Sandmann’s parents filed the lawsuit against the Post on their son’s behalf on Tuesday evening, suggesting that the Post’s coverage of the incident led to bullying and ruined Sandmann’s reputation. There have been conflicting reports about what actually led to the footage that went viral, which appears to show Sandmann being disrespectful toward a Native American activist.

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