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Just after 6 a.m. Friday morning, FBI agents knocked on former Trump associate Roger Stone’s front door in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and shouted “FBI, warrant!” according to footage of the pre-dawn arrest CNN obtained exclusively.

Stone answered the door wearing his glasses and sleepwear and appeared to have been asleep before the agents approached, according to CNN reporter David Shortell, who was on the scene for the arrest. Stone confirmed his identity to agents and removed his glasses before he was taken into custody.

Shortell described the scene as “friendly,” despite the agents attire of tactical vests and heavy weaponry.

“As you know sometimes these warrants, these arrests, these middle of the night operations like this don’t always go smoothly, this went very smoothly,” Shortell said on CNN’s “New Day” Friday morning. “The FBI agents fanned out across this lawn silently before they shined that flashlight in and first started shouting, ‘FBI, open the door!’ Roger Stone appeared to surrender without any issue.”

Stone was indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday and is accused of obstructing an official proceeding, making false statements and witness tampering.

Watch CNN’s footage of the arrest below:

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Former White House Economic Adviser Gary Cohn offered President Trump enthusiastic praise before advising his former boss to reopen the government.

“Look a lot of his ideas are phenomenal,” he told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle from the economic summit in Davos, Switzerland. “A lot of things he’s doing are great and people don’t understand. He’s growing the economy, he’s creating jobs, he’s doing the right things — the government needs to be open, the government needs to be open, he has got to get the government open.”

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Lanny Davis, legal adviser and spokesman for Michael Cohen, called for an investigation into President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani over what he’s calling “witness tampering.”

“Let me be very clear, the House of Representatives now has an obligation,” Davis told ABC’s  “Good Morning America” on Thursday. “A resolution of censure when the President of the United States indisputably intimidates and obstructs justice to prevent a witness from testifying is an order. So is a federal criminal investigation of Rudy Giuliani for witness tampering. Calling out a man’s father-in-law and wife in order to intimidate the witness is not fair game.”

Through Davis, Cohen said Wednesday he would not testify before Congress as planned in February due to concerns about he and his family’s safety because of public threats both Trump and Giuliani have made. The Senate Intelligence Committee announced Thursday it would subpoena Cohen to testify.

Both Trump and Giuliani have baselessly implied that Cohen’s father-in-law is involved in criminal financial activities.

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California Democrats Reps. Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff, chairs of the House Financial Services Committee and House Intelligence Committee, respectively, plan to launch a joint investigation between the House Intelligence and Financial Services Committees into the German Deutsche Bank, which has had substantial dealings with President Trump, Politico reported. 

The bank also has been scrutinized for potential money laundering violations.

Waters has previously vowed to follow the “Trump money trail” and Schiff told Politico that he believes the two committees — now armed with subpoena power — will be “more effective” working together.

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