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There seems to be very little chance of this actually happening, but one of the leading Democrats in New Jersey says she wants Chris Christie to testify under oath about the bridge scandal.

Chris Christie started off his news conference this afternoon with some actual news: David Samson, a longtime ally and one of his appointees to the Port Authority, had just resigned. The announcement didn't seem to trouble Christie, though. In fact, so far in the news conference, we've seen the governor smiling, laughing and berating reporters. The old Christie is back. He's very pleased with his own self-exoneration.

Chris Christie plans to hold a news conference at 2:30 p.m. ET after releasing his self-exoneration. Watch it live.

It's almost as if the BridgeGate report commissioned by Chris Christie's office was one big PR stunt that ignored vital questions and lets him pivot toward 2016.

Despite the gloss, there were some real pieces of news that came out of the BridgeGate report just released by Chris Christie's lawyers.

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Chris Christie today is making his biggest push yet to put the BridgeGate scandal behind him. His lawyer this morning is releasing an internal investigative report, which will reportedly clear him. Then Christie and his wife are sitting down for an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, which will air tonight. TPM's Eric Lach has a look at what's ahead and why Christie's spin probably won't work.