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by Justin Elliott, ProPublica

In January, Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, ascended to the powerful chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee. Six weeks later, campaign finance filings and interviews show, Hensarling was joined by representatives of the banking industry for a ski vacation fundraiser at a posh Park City, Utah, resort.

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There's been some debate online tonight about an image that's emerged in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. The photo shows crowds scrambling after one of Monday's explosions. It also shows, on the left-hand side of the image, a man in a white ball cap who looks a lot like a man that the FBI announced earlier in the day was a suspect in the attack.

Amateur sleuths have debated whether the photo is real or Photoshopped. But now, the New York Times has talked to a guy who says he snapped it with his iPhone right after the explosion. He says it's the real deal. (More after the jump.)

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BOSTON -- The federal courthouse in Boston was given the all clear on Wednesday afternoon after being evacuated because of an apparent bomb threat earlier in the day.

Court executive Gary Wente told repeaters that the courthouse was cleared and swept following some sort of bomb threat, but that there turned out to be "no basis for it."

Earlier in the afternoon, loudspeakers in the building squawked "code red, code red" and told everyone to evacuate amid conflicting reports that a suspect in Monday's marathon bombing was being taken there.

At about 4 p.m. ET, a man stepped out of the evacuated building and waved a large green flag. Staffers were then allowed to re-enter the building.

TPM's Eric Lach contributed reporting from Boston.

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BOSTON -- The federal courthouse in Boston was being evacuated Wednesday afternoon following conflicting reports that a possible suspect in this week's bombings was being taken there.

Around 3 p.m., a TPM reporter inside the courthouse heard loudspeakers announce, "Code red, code red. Building evacuation immediately." Court staff and others inside then began quickly filing out of the building.

Fire trucks were seen in front of the building, along with a police officer accompanying a dog sniffing the trunks of cars. 

Live video outside the courthouse showed police yelling at a crowd things like, "Get out of the way!" and "You have to leave the area!"

TPM's Eric Lach contributed reporting from the Boston.

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BOSTON -- Boston police on Tuesday morning briefly closed off at least a block of Newbury Street, near where Monday's bombing killed three and injured more than 170 others.

Asked by a TPM reporter why the street was shut down, an officer on the corner of Newbury and Hereford Street said it was for "everybody's safety."

The street was opened up again by about 11 a.m.

TPM's Eric Lach contributed to this report. Photo by Eric Lach/TPM

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Roger Ebert, the great film critic, has died. He was 70.