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Matt Shuham is a news writer for TPM. He was previously assistant editor of The National Memo and managing editor of the Harvard Political Review. He is available by email at and on Twitter @mattshuham.

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Was Donald Trump attempting to assert his dominance by invading Hillary Clinton's personal space on stage during the St. Louis debate Sunday?

Viewers noticed several camera shots of Clinton during the debate seemed to show Trump looming behind her.

When Clinton made herself available to reporters on her campaign plane after the debate, she was asked if she could tell that Donald Trump “was standing right behind her,” during her answer to a question about Obamacare. Clinton responded that she could, and that Trump “was very present.”

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Donald Trump responded to a debate question Sunday night voicing concerns about Islamophobia by repeating a debunked smear about Muslim Americans.

A Muslim American audience members had asked a question about discrimination against Muslim Americans. Trump initially responded by saying that Islamophobia was a “shame,” but then returned to a theme of his campaign: that Muslim Americans are not reporting radicals in their midst.

In particular, Trump leaned on a repeatedly proven falsehood about the San Bernardino attack: that "many people" saw bombs in open view in the apartment of the attackers ahead of time.

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