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Kate Riga is a news writer for Talking Points Memo based in New York City. Before joining TPM, Kate was the political reporter for The Southampton Press. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and a native of Philadelphia.

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President Donald Trump is following up on his racially-motivated attack on former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman with a sexist jab, calling her a “dog” in a Tuesday morning tweet.

Trump has a rich and unsavory history of calling women he does not like dogs and pigs. On Monday, Trump went after Manigault Newman’s intelligence, his go-to insult for his black critics.

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In a continuation of his entanglement of private business and public office, President Donald Trump offers his staffers discounts at the pro shop at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf course when they show their Secret Service pins, according to a Monday Politico report.

Getting deals anywhere from 15 percent to 70 percent off, aides get the same discounts club members do.

Per Politico, the Office of Government Ethics mandates that federal officials cannot accept gifts worth more than $20. The golf club discount would be considered a gift, since it is not available to all government employees.

Norm Eisen, ethics czar during the Obama administration, told Politico that Trump’s discounts are unpatriotic.

“It does have an effect on how Trump tries to secure personal loyalty and woo people away from what should be their primary and their only loyalty — to the Constitution, to public service and to the people of the United States,” he said. “This is another small inducement, apparently contrary to federal law, that he uses to bind his staff to him personally.”

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After tweeting that he donated to the Democrat running for his father Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s (R-VA) seat, Bobby Goodlatte fired off another message on Monday criticizing his father for his role on the House Judiciary Committee that flayed former FBI agent Peter Strzok last month.

Correction: This post incorrectly reported that Rep. Goodlatte is running for re-election. 

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President Donald Trump danced on the grave of former FBI agent Peter Strzok’s job on Monday, also calling for the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails to be “redone.”

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