Josh Kovensky

Josh Kovensky is a reporter for Talking Points Memo in New York City. He previously worked for the Kyiv Post in Ukraine, covering politics, business, and corruption there. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago.

Articles by Josh

Who’s guilty for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? In President Trump’s world, it’s Barack Obama.

“President Obama allowed a very large part of Ukraine to be taken,” Trump said in a Tuesday press conferemce, before replying to a follow-up question on who annexed the Crimean peninsula with: “That was President Obama’s regime.”

“That was during President Obama, that was not during me,” Trump said, after noting that he had a “great meeting in Russia” with Vladimir Putin, referring to the summit in Helsinki, Finland.

Intriguingly, Trump mentioned that “right now you have submarines off of that particular parcel,” referring to Crimea, which juts out of Ukraine into the Black Sea.

“It was President Obama that allowed that to happen, it had nothing to do with me,” he added.

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