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It’s that time of year: The 2018 Golden Duke awards have been announced. The competition as usual is fierce. Given that the Dukes have been around now for more than a decade – joined this year by the Duke of the Week – I thought it might make sense to go back to the beginning and explain just what the Dukes are, why they’re called Dukes, and what the whole point is.

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Another anti-Pelosi letter signer flips and supports Pelosi.

Do you find ads annoying? Obtrusive? As I mentioned earlier this fall, our team has been working around the clock on a general upgrade of our membership system, which includes a new ad-free version of TPM. That’s not banner ads, no cheesy ‘around the web’ nonsense below the articles. Just plain pure nothing but TPM. If you think you might be interested, please join me after the jump.

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Here’s a very, very interesting Buzzfeed article which reports that a fake Facebook account appears to have had an important role stirring up the Honduran immigrant caravan which coincided almost precisely with the 2018 midterm election. Facebook has admitted the account was an imposter account impersonating a prominent Honduran politician. But it is refusing to release information about the account, who may have set it up or what country it originated from.

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TPM Reader HL has a more negative take on President Bush’s management of the end of the Cold War. The point about Bush’s stance during the disintegration of Yugoslavia is well taken. It was also deeply rooted in his foreign policy Realism. Two rejoinders. One is that as horrific as the Yugoslavs wars were, they were more or less contained. Second, relatedly, I’m not sure it’s a low bar, given the downside risks of what could have happened during the collapse of the Soviet Union and the security structures would undergirded it. But this is a good point and these were fairly conscious and considered decisions on Bush’s team’s part.

Reading the comments on Bush’s legacy, I must beg to differ with the many commentators who have praised Bush’s management of the end of the Cold War. Agreed things could have gotten much worse, but that is a fairly low bar.The fact that Bush was concerned about the corrosive power of nationalism in the Soviet Union an Yugoslavia, is simply not enough, when he didn’t just fail to offer a viable alternative, as John Judis says. but he and his team made decisions that virtually guaranteed Yugoslavia’s drift into civil war. After all, it was the Bush team’s idea to relegate the Yugoslavia crisis to a European affair made public with James Baker’s regrettable line “We don’t have a dog in that fight.”

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Another take on Bush’s legacy from TPM Reader JB

I’ve been thinking a lot about the elder President Bush as he is remembered today, largely, for representing all the things his son did not as President, and which the current President does even less.

To Bush’s family and many friends, of course, he was much more than that. I don’t begrudge them any of their fond memories, or Bush the sometimes extravagant praise being thrown his way this week. He had real achievements to his credit, some of which are under-recognized today. Even this week, for example, we’re not hearing much about Bush’s role in the thankless task of cleaning up one of the least creditable products of Reagan’s tenure: a savings and loan crisis produced by federal determination to let a financial services industry regulate itself. Whatever he told his son about this episode must have fallen on very deaf ears indeed.

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