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If you missed it or are just interested in some good history book recommendations, check out my list of over 60 books of history books (mostly quality popular history, some from a slightly more scholarly direction) which I can recommend, ranging over various topics and a few thousand years of history.

Liberals are, as we’ve noted many times, often captive to policy literalism. While their policy positions are quite similar, Warren’s ethos and political style are fundamentally reformist while Sanders’ are more sectarian and anti-establishment. This difference shapes the coalitions which are available to them in ways that many observers underestimate.

The Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons is making it unreasonably hard for some of us to remain in the reality-based world.

Yesterday I mentioned the 20-year-old man who terrorized that Walmart in Missouri and was arrested for making “terroristic threats.” His name is Dmitriy Andreychenko. He told police the point of his stunt was to see whether Walmart “honored the Second Amendment.”

As I mentioned in that post, we’ve been covering these stunts forever at TPM. We should recognize these actions as precursor acts to mass shootings.

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Another quick note of thanks to everyone who’s tried out our TPM Ad Free two-week trial. If you’re a current Prime member and you’d like to try out the cleaner, faster version of TPM with absolutely, positively zero ads, just click here. It’s free. There’s no obligation. It’s totally awesome. And upgrading gets us closer to a robust membership model that can sustain us into the future.

For those of you who are currently using the trial, I have a few updates.

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If you’re mystified or just trying to make sense of all the different moving pieces in the health-care policy debate taking place in the Democratic presidential primaries, I’ve got something you’ll want to see. As you know, there’s the ACA expanded with a “public option.” There are various Medicare buy-in models which can be similar to the public option additions. Then there are various flavors of “Medicare for All.” There are many political, ideological and priority questions in this debate. But I was really most interested in clarifying the moving pieces in the different plans, the technical specifics, how transitions work, how you save money without creating big disruptions, how many people the different approaches actually cover. So last week we did a TPM Briefing with President Obama’s Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Andy Slavitt, to discuss these topics. I found it an incredibly illuminating discussion and many participants told me they did too. If you are a TPM member you can watch the Briefing here.

Look at this remarkable piece of video. President Trump announces that he’s received another “very beautiful letter” from Kim Jong Un in which Kim tells Trump he’s not happy about U.S.-South Korea military exercises, Trump appears to agree with Kim and Trump chides South Korea for not paying the U.S. more money.

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A man in his 20s with weapons, body armor, more than a hundred rounds of ammunition and army fatigues was arrested at a Missouri Walmart yesterday, apparently for making ‘terroristic threats’. He had gone into the Walmart and basically just walked around and filmed people fleeing in fear with his iPhone. Local police seem to have made the decision that these acts in themselves constituted terroristic threats. It’s not clear he said anything or pointed his weapons at anyone. Needless to say that seems like a pretty reasonable deduction. But what is important to note is that in many states in the country – including Missouri – it is not clear what law he was breaking.

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TPM Reader TG on guns and expatriation …

I’ve read TPM since shortly after sitting ashen-faced in my college computer lab watching the 2000 presidential results come in. TPM and your personal commentary have been passively therapeutic for nearly 20 years as I’ve gone from college student to (ostensibly) an adult, getting married and having two kids along the way. As I’ve never really written in before, this will serve as a more active form of therapy for me. My apologies for the indulgence.

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Let me tell you about a new project we’re involved with. It’s called Crime Story. It’s the brainchild of a friend of mine named Kary Antholis. It’s about crime both in its story telling dimensions (in fiction, crime reporting, documentaries etc.) and also as a policy and social justice issue (mass incarceration, implicit bias in the criminal justice system, reform DAs, etc.) in American society.

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