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When the McCain Committee's Abramoff report came out, we learned that Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) said he'd never even heard of the Tigua Indian tribe.

On the other hand, here's Ney posing for a picture with tribal leaders, Tigua Lt. Gov. Carlos Hisa (on right) and tribal official Raul Gutierrez (left).

Come to think of it, Ney does look he may be in some sort of trance. So maybe he really did forget?

Justin Rood's got the details at TPMmuckraker.com.

Frist: Senate GOP polls sagging because CNN not living up to role as GOP mouthpiece.

Rep. Curt Weldon wanted to make a secret trip to Iraq to oversee a dig to uncover hidden WMD. Eventually even the guy with the alleged WMD treasure map decided Weldon was too whacked.

Senate Committee on the Environment and dingbat media watchdogs too.

Sen. James Inhofe's Senate Environment and Public Works Committee put out this press release slamming an AP article that reported there is a scientific consensus that the claims Al Gore makes in his movie are correct.

This is what they spend their time on.

Late Update: Good Catch! Until a couple months ago, the press release writer, Marc Marono, worked for CNSnews.com where he distinguished himself by using disgraced NASA crony George Deutsch to attack NASA scientist James Hansen. Deutsch, you'll remember, was the young Bush campaign flack who was sent over to NASA to censor scientific publications, made a splash when he instructed NASA scientists not to discuss the Big Bang without considering the topic from a religious perspective and then got bounced when it emerged that he'd lied about having a college degree. Earlier, Marono wrote this beaut questioning whether Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) may have faked the wounds for which he received two Purple Hearts.

So on exporting democracy ...

1. President encourages supporters to accuse newspaper reporters of treason: check.

2. President mandates systematic use of torture: check.

3. President routinely asserts right to ignore laws passed by Congress: check.

What am I missing?

Actually, I think it's more one of those trick questions. Like, we're not exporting 'democracy' but our democracy. So, as we send it to them, we lose ours.

Last week I linked to a post by Paul Begala about what Dems should be saying on Iraq. But it was on a day when we were having some server issues at TPMCafe. So a number of people wrote in to say they hadn't been able to read it. Here it is. If you missed it, definitely give it a read.