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Following up on Paul Kiel's reporting on this, now that we know that the Green Party in Pennsylvania at least is a fully GOP funded dirty tricks oppo, it kinda gives a new meaning to the label Green Party.

Right-wing torture-crat Mark Levin: "I want to congratulate the attorneys who work with me at Landmark Legal Foundation for tenaciously pursuing the untold story of the systematic abuse of American MPs by the al-Qaeda terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. It took us a full year to bring this stunning information to light, but the truth is now out." (via BelgraviaDispatch)

You probably remember Levin from the Clinton years. But I actually feel a little sad for folks like Levin, born as he seems to be in the wrong era. Sure we have Guantanamo and lots of much worse stuff went on in the last few decades. But the years between the world wars were really the golden age of secret prisons and torture. It's like Levin's era has passed him by.

Katherine Harris is having to reach pretty far down in the barrell to get off press calls at this point. From the AP: "Harris was reached on her cell phone Wednesday by The Associated Press, but said she had a bad connection and referred the call to her campaign office."

Katherine Harris, God's way of telling us that Karma is real.

There's a big rule in the House of Representatives. When you get subpoenaed, you have to report it to the House. Looks like Katherine Harris broke that rule too.

Okay, so it turns out Rep. McKinney is not suing the AJC. Apparently it was a bluff, though they're still threatening.