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We hear Washington Senate candidate Mike McGavick (R) is a big supporter of President Bush's plan to phase out Social Security. If you know more, drop us a line.

Hmmm. Apparently New Jersey Senate candidate Tom Kean, Jr. (R) is a big phase-out supporter too.

On Kean's website he says: "Tom is committed to keeping the promise of Social Security for current recipients and those nearing retirement. At the same time, changes will be required to keep the program solvent for future generations. This problem can only be solved through bipartisan cooperation. In the U.S. Senate, Tom will work with Republicans and Democrats to find bipartisan solutions to the long-term challenges facing Social Security, so that this important program can continue to provide retirement security for Americans far into the future."

But last year in the New Jersey state senate he apparently twice voted against a bill calling on President Bush to abandon his plan to phase out Social Security and replace it with private accounts.

Another Abramoff guilty plea. This one at Interior. More shortly.

Update: This post originally said it was an indictment. That's been corrected.

When the McCain Committee's Abramoff report came out, we learned that Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) said he'd never even heard of the Tigua Indian tribe.

On the other hand, here's Ney posing for a picture with tribal leaders, Tigua Lt. Gov. Carlos Hisa (on right) and tribal official Raul Gutierrez (left).

Come to think of it, Ney does look he may be in some sort of trance. So maybe he really did forget?

Justin Rood's got the details at TPMmuckraker.com.

Frist: Senate GOP polls sagging because CNN not living up to role as GOP mouthpiece.

Rep. Curt Weldon wanted to make a secret trip to Iraq to oversee a dig to uncover hidden WMD. Eventually even the guy with the alleged WMD treasure map decided Weldon was too whacked.