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Some of the wonderful emails we get (emphasis added) ...

Since Israel decided to bomb Lebanon’s Airport and Ports without warning, forcing these emergency evacuations, why don’t we withhold the cost of the evacuations from our generous financial aid to Israel. I’m sure the Israel’s would approve; they supported reparations be paid by the Swiss and Germans from their actions during WWII. Furthermore, why not deduct reparations to innocent foreign national civilians killed as a result of their air assaults as well?

No end of sickos. Late Update: This post occasioned some comment on what the meaning behind my comment was. My meaning is this: I don't believe the question of 'deductions' from foreign aid for the cost of these evacuations or for the loss of innocent lives (though who exactly would we pay that money too, and on whose behalf?) is comparable to the reparations Germany paid for the Holocaust. Call me old-fashioned.

Agree with Matt on this one: I found Richard Cohen's column in the Post this morning a bit ugly and more silly. Glib in a way that addresses none of the serious issues in play on either side.

President dives into the diplomatic route head first?

No, I'm not sure either.

Foreign Affairs has a online 'roundtable' up on their site: "What to do in Iraq." In what is perhaps a sign of the times, there's actually pretty decent representation of well-known bloggers (Kevin Drum and Marc Lynch) among the participants.