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Is a real GOP candidate about to jump in to the Connecticut senate race? Okay, a non-Lieberman GOP candidate? Seems like it.

Amos Oz, from April 1996 in The New York Times, during the last flare up on Israel's northern border, but in a more hopeful time ...

The fighting in northern Israel and Lebanon that's still raging after two weeks started because Iran wants to destroy the peace process and because Syria -- at least as long as President Hafez al-Assad's dictated peace is rejected by Israel -- backs Iran.

It is a no-win situation that suits Iran's leaders. If Israel is attacked and doesn't retaliate, it turns Israeli citizens against peace. If Israel hits back, the Arabs turn against peace. Iran is pleased either way.

Islamic extremists want Israel to be loathed and isolated again in the Middle East -- Israel against the whole of Islam, the whole world against Israel.

Israel's goal has been the opposite: to isolate Islamic fundamentalism by making peace with the Palestinians and Arab nations. In fact, Iran and its proxies might have been quicker than Israel to grasp the idea that in a peaceful Middle East they would become as isolated as Saddam Hussein's Iraq. If the peace process collapses, however, Israel will once more be the neighborhood's leper.

Which country will find itself in unsplendid isolation? This is a subtle struggle, taking place primarily in people's hearts, not in military arenas.

In forcing the civilians of southern Lebanon to flee their homes and in the horrific accidental shelling of refugees at the United Nations base near Qana, Israel brought upon itself a moral and political defeat in this battle over hearts and minds.

The whole piece is really worth reading on many levels.

Minnesota Republican senate candidate Mark Kennedy, a dozen points behind Democrat Amy Klobuchar in latest poll (Rasmussen, 8/1), endorses Lieberman.

So does McGavick in Washington state. He's down 11 points (Rasmussen, 7/17).

It's an avalanche. All the GOP senate contenders who are sinking in the polls are endorsing Joe.

Bush: Failed terror plot a reminder that everybody should stop complaining about how bad I screwed up Iraq.

Big court decision in the AIPAC/leaks case. Even private citizens with no government clearances can be prosecuted for unauthorized receipt and disclosure of classified information.

It's weird. I have some vague recollection that John Gibson was a local newscaster in LA when I was growing up. And that he was basically sane. What happened to him.

Late Update: TPM Reader LW commisserates with me about Gibson's bizarro fall ....

I have often wondered the same thing. I remember Gibson during the 1990s, anchoring much of the OJ Simpson coverage, or appearing on Geraldo Rivera’s various shows. Gibson at tat time seemed entirely reasonable, soft-spoken, calm – even-handed in analysis.

I have been wondering for a very long time – during his rants about “The War Against Christmas,” his chilling comments about the need for “minority religions” in America to basically watch their step, his numerous O’Reilly & Savage-like rantings, whether this is indeed what he thinks about things, or whether it is an act to “get on the right side” (no pun intended) of his Fox audience.

Keith Oberman of MSNBC often talks about his “sadness” regarding Gibson (who he says was an ex-colleague of his) and his transformation now into someone who Oberman has often picked as his nightly “Worst Person in The World” on his MSBC show.