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Over the last several days, TPMmuckraker.com has been reporting on the evolving allegations of plagiarism in the work of Ann Coulter. The allegations come from several different sources, including the New York Post. And a number of readers have written in to ask to see the actual alleged instances of plagiarism to evaluate the charges for themselves.

The TPMmuckraker staff spent a day working on this. And we've now compiled a comprehensive list of all the allegations we're aware of, with Coulter's text listed along with the alleged original and the party that first identified the similar passages.

To me personally, some of the examples/accusations seem strained -- simply similar statements of the same basic facts. And sometimes there are only so many ways to describe one set of facts. In other cases the similarities of the wording strike me as hard to see as a coincidence. Especially when there seem to be multiple instances of similarities in the same column coming from the same source.

In any case, we're not making judgments one way or another. But if you're interested in this story. Here's the evidence. Make your own judgment.

Bush on Lieberman on Larry King ...

LARRY KING: Move to politics. An unusual situation in Connecticut. Joe Lieberman is running for reelection to the Senate.

He's in the primary fight, may lose, and has said that if he loses, he might well run as an independent.

He supported you staunchly on Iraq and Iraq is the major issue in that campaign, the primary.

Would you support him if he ran as an independent?

G. BUSH: First, the Democrats have to sort out who their nominee is going to be and that's going to be up to the Democrats. And the rest of it's hypothetical.

LARRY KING: But he said he would run as an independent, if he were...

G. BUSH: He also has said he's going to win his primary.

LARRY KING: I know you like him.

G. BUSH: You're trying to get me to give him a political kiss, which may be his death.

LARRY KING: You hugged him before the State of the Union, right?

No, I know you generally...

G. BUSH: The Democrats are going to figure it out. They'll figure it out.

LARRY KING: So you would not make a decision on that.

G. BUSH: Well, I'm not going to wade into a Democratic primary in the state of Connecticut.

Did you see the Lieberman/Lamont debate? What did you think? Share your thoughts here.

Good for the Jews? JTA: "It’s unclear how many Jewish Democrats share that view. Jewish fund-raisers canvassed by JTA said they favored Lieberman — even those who profoundly disagree with him on Iraq. But an internal Democratic poll of Connecticut Jews sees Lamont leading by 50 percent to 41 percent, JTA has learned. The sample was small, but the results were a dramatic departure from the 90-plus approval rating Lieberman scored among Jews after Al Gore named him as his running mate in 2000."

Kevin Drum: "But that's really just a single piece of a broader, and even more remarkable turn of events: the Bush administration literally seems to have no foreign policy at all anymore. They have no serious plan for Iraq, no plan for Iran, no plan for North Korea, no plan for democracy promotion, no plan for anything. With the neocons on the outs, Condoleezza Rice at the State Department, and Dick Cheney continuing to drift into an alternate universe at the OVP, the Bush administration seems completely at sea. There's virtually no ideological coherency to their foreign policy that I can discern, and no credible followup on what little coherency is left. As near as I can tell, George Bush has learned that "There's evil in the world and we're going to stand up to it" isn't really adequate as a foreign policy for a superpower but is unable to figure out anything better to replace it with. So he spins his wheels, waiting for 2009. Unfortunately, the rest of us are left spinning with him."

Miami 'terror' group "that mixes Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Freemasonry, Gnosticism and Taoism" plotted world takeover, Sears Tower demolition, also trained with paintball guns.