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Bush's beard? Middle school teacher Gary Weddle pledged he wouldn't shave his beard until bin Laden was captured. Click here to see his very long beard.

As of just before 11 AM, Maryland incumbent Al Wynn seems to have retaken a very thin lead over challenger Donna Edwards. But it's certainly not over.

So what does the result out of Rhode Island mean?

I think this basically speaks for itself. The Republicans could have guarenteed themselves the loss of a senate seat tonight. They dodged that bullet. As these numbers show, I think Whitehouse, the ironically named Democratic candidate, still has the advantage. But it's going to be close.

The real question in looking at this race is which number is more important: the spread between Whitehouse and Chafee, which I don't think has ever been outside the margin of error but with Whitehouse almost always ahead, or that fact that Chafee, the incumbent, hasn't been able to get over 43% in any poll I've seen.

Here's Steve Clemons' take, in the context of the Bolton nomination.

Okay, note fork in Stephen Laffey. Chafee wins RI primary.

Okay, I think it's about time to close the books on the Laffey challenge.

At 10:36 10:43, with 84% 90% of the vote in, it's Chafee 54%, Laffey 46%.

That margin has been close to set in stone from the first precincts reporting. So I don't see any reason to think it'll change.

Late Update: the Projo primary blog suggests that some of the few remaining votes are from Warwick, RI's second city, where Chafee was once mayor. So I'd say, Laffey is down for the count.

For the latest on the primaries in Maryland, see our numbers board at TPMCafe.

Linc may be pulling this one out.

73% reporting, Chafee 54%, Laffey 46%.

As of 10:20 PM, 78% reporting, spread stays the same.

10:26 PM, 80% reporting, same spread.

10:30 PM, 81% reporting, same spread (I think it's time to get out the fork.)

RI senate a smidge tighter. 62% reporting. Chafee 53%, Laffey 47%.

As of 10:07, 66% reporting, same spread.

As of 10:15, 67%, same spread.