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Katherine Harris is having to reach pretty far down in the barrell to get off press calls at this point. From the AP: "Harris was reached on her cell phone Wednesday by The Associated Press, but said she had a bad connection and referred the call to her campaign office."

Katherine Harris, God's way of telling us that Karma is real.

There's a big rule in the House of Representatives. When you get subpoenaed, you have to report it to the House. Looks like Katherine Harris broke that rule too.

Okay, so it turns out Rep. McKinney is not suing the AJC. Apparently it was a bluff, though they're still threatening.

A weird coda to the recent shooting at the Jewish center in Seattle. The shooter, Naveed Haq, though raised a Muslim, had converted last year to Christianity. He told the pastor who baptised him in December that he had "seen too much anger in Islam and that he wanted to find a new beginning in Christianity." Behind that the familiar story of personal and professional failure, manic depression, an arrest earlier this year for "lewd conduct" at a local mall.

Cynthia in big trouble. Hank Johnson leading Rep. Cynthia McKinney by 49% to 34% one week before the primary run-off.