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Judis on the war: "In their communiqué on Sunday, the G-8 nations warned that Hamas and Hezbollah threatened to "plunge the Middle East into chaos and provoke a wider conflict," and they also cautioned Israel "to exercise utmost restraint" in retaliating against attacks. The United States was a signatory to, rather than a subject of, the document; but when the final account of this crisis is written--perhaps years from now--the Bush administration is sure to figure as a factor. That's because over the last few decades most, if not all, Arab-Israeli crises have occurred when the United States has been either unable or unwilling to play an aggressive role as a mediator; and most have only abated after the United States has finally thrown itself into the middle of them. This latest conflict, which has engulfed Gaza and Lebanon and could spread eastward, may not prove to be an exception to this rule."

Michael Walzer (sub.req.) on just wars and whether that is what Israel is fighting. And Bill Arkin on how civilian deaths are the seedbed of future terrorism.

Evvvvvrybody gets a taste.

Seems not only did Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) make a quick killing last year when he was given a sweetheart option to buy into a new politically-juiced California bank. Seems Lewis had his campaign committee buy in too.

Both purchases on the same day.

Lanny Davis on Lieberman: "He's not depressed, he's not sad, he's not down--he is furious. I've been there with him since his first campaign in 1970, and I've never seen him this angry."

TPM Reader JW on Joe: "I offer this from the perspective of someone who is centrist and moderate, who doesn’t read any of the lefty blogs and is not part of the grassroots or the Howard Dean wing of the Democratic party. I am socially liberal but fiscally conservative, and I while I might be considered a hawk on most foreign policy issues (say, Afghanistan), I strongly opposed the invasion of Iraq. Based on my own feelings from the moderate wing of the party, I don’t think that the anti-Liebermanism is confined solely to the far left. The problem for me is that he is sanctimonious and seems to have this feeling that he owns his seat in the Senate. The fact that he would even considering running as an independent seems to be me to be appallingly self-centered. But his sanctimony stretches to other issues, most importantly Iraq. I don’t see any difference between Bush and Lieberman on Iraq. He is one of those “everything is going perfectly well” types who refuses to accept reality because it differs with what he wants reality to be. Some people may like that; most Republicans apparently do. Personally, though, I don’t. I think that Lieberman has just run afoul of his own party, and not just the far left of it. When you don’t see that coming, and you’d rather fight it than accept it and address it, it’s time to move on."

Shrill McShrillsons. RNC sending out blast emails about "the Taepodong Democrats", picking up sludge from the WSJ editorial page.