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Bob Ney issues statement apologizing for crimes, says "dependence on alcohol has been a problem."

Late Update: Ney's lawyers say he's already entered rehab.

Even Later Update: Former federal prosecutor says Ney got off easy, didn't even have to agree to cooperate.

"The president wants us to forget the mistakes he's made in Iraq. He says capturing bin Laden isn't a priority for him. And now he's off caught up in a fight with senators of his own party about which kinds of torture we should use. This president just can't or won't keep his eye on the ball. President Bush took his eye off the ball in Afghanistan when bin Laden was in our grasp because he wanted to hurry up and get into Iraq. And now he wants us to forget about Iraq because he doesn't want to take responsibility for all the mistakes he's made in Iraq. The American people have a choice on November 7th. If you think our country is going in the right direction, if you think Iraq is making us safer, vote Republican. If you've had enough and thinks it's time for a change, vote Democratic." -- quoted from a (fictional) congressional candidate.

Apparently the Feds got Rep. Ney (R-OH) to 'fess up about those dodgy poker winnings in London too.

Here's the Ney press release from the DOJ. We'll have the documents up shortly.

Okay, we're still waiting for the details of the predicted/reported guilty plea of Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH), which we expect some time today, probably on the early side. But to get your corrupt congressman juices flowing we've put together a cornucopia of past Ney denials of any wrongdoing for your morning reading pleasure.

TPM Reader JO ...

The President launches a series of speeches that repeatedly quote the words of Osama Bin Laden to highlight how terrorists want to kill Americans. Then, a week later, he says that catching Osama Bin Laden is not a priority. Words vs. action. Rhetoric vs. reality. The Bush presidency. If only the Democrats knew how to take advantage of the glaring inconsistencies.

How about, the president is more interested in quoting bin Laden than in catching him. Doesn't that work?

TPM Reader CB ...

The President has handed the Democrats a gift. They have to consistently and daily say: "The President said that getting the guy who masterminded 9/11 is not a top priority, if you elect a Democratic Congress, we will make it a top priority. That is what is riding on this election. If you want Bin Laden captured or killed (need to use the word "killed"), you have to vote for a change." Over and over and over again.

Can you imagine what it would be like if the shoe were on the other foot?