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We still don’t know what the sentence is. But Judge Emmet Sullivan is positively roasting General Flynn in court right now, all but calling him a traitor and goading prosecutors to say Flynn should lose credit for cooperation for trying to evade responsibility for his crimes in his sentencing memo. This raises a basic question. Why did Flynn try to claim he was set up by the FBI in his sentencing memo? Flynn himself could be naive or impulsive. But Flynn has top flight legal representation. Why would they do that?

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The Flynn sentencing hearing is underway. TPM’s Tierney Sneed is in the courtroom. We’ll bring you the details as they develop.

Late Update: 11:40 PM: Judge Sullivan was not impressed by Flynn’s sentencing memo, made him question whether he was actually accepting responsibility or indeed thought he was guilty. The Judge put the question to him and he said that he knew he couldn’t lie and was in fact guilty.

Over the last week I’ve seen a handful of those ‘predictions for 2019’ articles by people who write about journalism and the journalism business. So I thought I’d add my own take, with a special emphasis on our own plans for 2019 and how the two things relate to each other.

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TPM Reader PB has this idea about what is behind Rudy Giuliani’s big revelation yesterday about the Trump Tower Moscow deal that apparently remained live through the 2016 election.

The last time Giuliani admitted a fact that was not publicly known, it was to get ahead of the Stormy Daniels story before it was disclosed in a likely indictment of Cohen. It seems safe to assume that he is revealing the fact that Trump was negotiating the Trump Tower Moscow deal/bribe in the closing days of the election for the same reason.

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If you listened closely today Rudy Giuliani suggested that negotiations over building a Trump Tower in Moscow may have continued up until election day 2016. I heard him say this in real time but I confess I wasn’t quite cynical enough to grasp the implications. At least not immediately. Let’s start by watching the video, which you can see here.

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We set a super ambitious goal this year that is critical to our organization’s future. We wanted to get to 30,000 Prime subscribers by the close of 2018. And we are really, really close. We’re currently at 29,351. So we are 649 subscribers short of that number with about half of December to go. I know from a lot of conversations – one as recently as yesterday – that there are still a lot of devoted readers who just haven’t gotten around to joining us. So if that’s you, this one is for you. It’s super easy to join and it’s just $4.99 a month, barely more than a fancy cup of coffee at the local cafe. Take a moment and take the plunge. Building what we’re building is super important. So like literally stop for a just a moment, break the slipstream of your daily routine … grab your wallet, get out the card and sign up.

Yesterday’s news is a good reminder of a fundamental point drawing together all unfolding scandals: The Trump campaign, like its parent organization the Trump Organization, was fabulously corrupt. That limitless, flagrant and ravenous corruption made it ripe for compromise, subversion and control by foreign actors.