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Just moments ago, after the massacre, after the mail bombs, guest on Lou Dobbs says “Soros-occupied State Department” is funding and direct migrant caravan.

At the risk of telling things you already know, this is only days after a man inspired by President Trump’s rhetoric sent a mail bomb to Soros’s home and the same day a man who was angry that Jews were behind the caravan murdered eleven people at their synagogue.

I want to step aside from the horrible news of the day and do a midterm election update, now ten days from Election Day.

Stepping back from all the storm of recent days and months it’s not any twist or turn or anything that can be identified as momentum that most stands out but rather the underlying stability of the numbers. The exception to this is the Senate. Until early fall, it looked like a long shot that Democrats could reclaim control of the Senate. Then for a brief period it looked still less than likely but much more possible. Almost all the threatened red-state Democrats had at least small leads, albeit often little more than within the margin of error. Unexpected possibilities emerged. Bredesen in Tennessee, Beto O’Rourke in Texas, an outside chance of a Democratic pick up in Mississippi. Then the numbers shifted back to where they had been. They have basically remained there. The battle for the House, however, has shown a remarkable stability.

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Wednesday: Armed man in Kentucky tries and fails to enter black church. Instead goes to local Kroger and shoots and kills two African-Americans. Later tells white man who confronts him, “Whites don’t kill other whites.”

Friday: Serial mail bomber is arrested by the FBI after sending at least 13 mail bombs to Americans targeted by President Trump.

Saturday: Gunman storms Pittsburgh Synagogue and kills at least eight people.

KEY DETAILS: Mass shooting incident at Pittsburgh synagogue (Tree of Life in Squirrel Hill). There are at least eight fatalities. The suspect, wounded in a police shoot out, is in custody. Suspect is white male, beareded, reportedly 46 years old. Local CBS affiliate reports that shooter yelled anti-semitic slogans/slurs as he opened fire on worshippers. “All Jews must die.”

MORE: Eight confirmed fatalities. Three police officers shot, conditions unknown. A bris (Jewish circumcision ceremony) was reportedly underway when the shooting erupted.

MORE: Local CBS affiliate KDKA reporting the name of suspect/shooter is Rob Bauer, either 46 or 48 years of age. Heavy-set white male.

We are monitoring reports of an active shooter at a Pittsburgh synagogue. There are reports of fatalities and reports of two police officers being shot. But we’re in that early phase where there are conflicting reports and we need to wait for clearer confirmation of details. All that seems clear now is that the situation is on-going, that there are multiple casualties and likely fatalities among them. Await more updates.

MORE: The synagogue is the Tree of Life Synagogue. Local CBS affiliate is reported at least seven dead. The shooter has reportedly now surrendered after being injured himself.

MORE: CBS local affiliate now confirming at least 8 dead. Suspect/shooter described as white male with beard. There are multiple reports from journalists on Twitter quoting anti-Semitic statements by the shooter. This is hardly surprising given the target. But these reports appear to be going directly from police scanner/radio. So want to wait for more confirmation.

I still watch Trump’s speeches all the way through whenever I have the chance. It’s important to know what he says. Last night, in the wake the arrest of Cesar Sayoc, Trump spent the first half of his speech castigating the press for its “anger” and as the cause of a climate of anger and violence in the country. Aside from a few introductory, scripted lines about unity, the subtext (and often the straight up text) of the speech was clear: the press and the President’s Democratic enemies are responsible for violence against them. In so many words, they brought it on themselves. He even mocked and led the crowd in a round of angry jeers directed at Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), one of the literal targets of Sayoc’s mail bombs.

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We now have more confirmation that the van that was confiscated in the bomb investigation was covered in Trump stickers and other right wing memes. Video after the jump.

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CNN reporting arrest of man in South Florida in connection with mail bombs.

MORE: Initial details on suspect, per CNN. Man in his 50s, a criminal history, works at an auto parts store, lives in Florida but appears to have ties to New York of some sort.

Federal officers are towing away a van in Plantation, Florida that it is assumed is owned by the suspect. The van’s windows were covered with stickers. There was a big rush to see what those stickers were, figuring they likely gave a clue to political attitudes. A short time later, FBI agents covered the van in a tarp concealing the stickers.

The stickers appear to be clearly political. But so far the images have been far enough away and low enough resolution to make it difficult to make them out with certainty. There appear to be multiple pictures of President Trump on the two side windows of the van. For a larger image, click the picture above.