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Remember that bogus report from the Texas state government last month about 95,000 non-citizens on the voting rolls? That was three weeks ago and now the state official responsible, Secretary of State David Whitley, is having to apologize for it to the state’s Republican-dominated Senate.

I’m not sure about the legalities of this. But it seems kind of remarkable. Federal Labor Relations Authority Chairwoman Colleen Duffy Kiko has announced that she’s decertifying the authority’s own union. In other words, she’s firing the agency’s union.

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A Minnesota Sheriff has been forced to intervene so no one gets hurt or killed in yet another Trumper-driven conspiracy theory, sort of a rural Pizzagate. Social media sites picked up news that a dog named “Donald Trump” had been shot and killed and decided it was a political statement against the President, with suspicions focused on a neighbor who the folks on social media decided was a Democrat. There have apparently been multiple threats of violence on various social media sites against imagined perpetrators, even though a law enforcement investigation concluded that the dog was shot by someone “legally protecting their livestock” on private property. Here’s the story.

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I’ve been trying to make sense of the various new developments in the Russia probe. And as is often the case I find a timeline the best way to make sense of what is happening. In this instance I’ve focused on the events that happen from mid-July 2016, events that happened after the Trump Tower meeting in June. You can see how elements of the Manafort and Stone investigations appear to interlock at various points. I’ll be adding to this timeline through the day.

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Trump’s President. He can shut down the government. Some compromises are necessary. But these are points well-taken. From TPM Reader JB

Without quarreling with those who are arguing today that the leadership deal to fund government agencies is a humiliating defeat for Trump, I think we ought to remember a few things.

One, several hundred million taxpayer dollars wasted on ornamental fencing and barriers that will rip up land in the lower Rio Grande Valley is to be the price of saving a little face for Trump and his anti-immigrant supporters in Congress.

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